1.The Chicago Pneumatic brand
Basic rules for the logo
The Chicago Pneumatic logo
The visual representation of a brand is composed of very simple elements like a name, colors and logo. The full representation of the Chicago Pneumatic brand is the CP ring, followed by the words “Chicago Pneumatic”. The full logo should be used in all instances, unless there is a compelling reason to use only the ring (due to space limitations on some giveaways, for example). “Chicago Pneumatic” appears after the CP ring as its helps customers identify with the brand’s American roots, which are a key part of our identity: durable, reliable, high performance and great value.
The Chicago Pneumatic logo must never be changed or tampered with. Never attempt to recreate the logo. Electronic versions of approved master artwork are available. Always use the original artwork and the correct logo proportions.
Logo’s restricted area/free space It is crucial to ensure that the Chicago Pneumatic logo is clearly visible in any placement. With the addition of a restricted area (also called free space) around it, the eye will more easily recognize the logo. The larger the free space around the logo, the greater the visual impact.
Any headings placed next to our logo should not compete with our logo for the viewer’s attention. Our logo should always be dominant.
Free space around the logo
Half the free space around the logo for signs, sales promotional items and web applications.