1.The Chicago Pneumatic brand
The right messaging
As our dealer, you play an important part in reinforcing the Chicago Pneumatic brand. We, in turn, strive to be your preferred supplier. Our brand promise “People. Passion. Performance.” explains our philosophy. “People” explains our relationships and emphasizes that we offer much more than products. “Passion” is about customer commitment and conveys our energy and ambition. “Performance” is about delivering with the promise of consistent quality, thereby creating greater value for our customers.
It is important that our dealers are aware of and aligned with our brand and reinforce it consistently in all communication with customers.
Our people are passionate about understanding your needs and solving them through technology and support. We manage your productivity through an easy-to-access network of service and support. It’s our business to keep your business up and running wherever you are.
We are committed to improve your productivity, and we bring a legacy of 120 years of passion for performance.
Our products are designed for safe operations and high performance through the use of intelligent technology you can trust.