3. Digital marketing channels
The importance of being visible online
The industrial world is changing rapidly and so are the trends in marketing. Just a few years ago, the traditional form of advertising was known to work for all dealers. But presently that’s not the case. Today’s consumers are heavily influenced by other forms of digital media. If you are not taking advantage of the rising digital platforms, then you are losing business to your competitors.
As a dealer of Chicago Pneumatic, to enhance our presence online, you must use the Chicago Pneumatic Authorized Dealer logo on your website. It is essential for visitors to understand that the website belongs to a dealer. When integrating Chicago Pneumatic products into your web pages, make sure to always have the latest valid information and to feature the right images from our multimedia gallery.
This section will help you understand how to enhance your presence and attract more customers digitally.
Good example: Logo free space is correct.
The Chicago Pneumatic logo should never appear as if in a frame or a box.
Banners and images Dealers can use Chicago Pneumatic website banners and images on their website with permission from the Customer Center contact. Get in touch to learn more of what is available to promote Chicago Pneumatic online.