3. Digital marketing channels
Social media
Do you know that your consumers spend a huge amount of time each day on various social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn? With a digital presence on these platforms, it becomes easier to reach hundreds of potential customers with a single click. This is also an easier way to connect and engage with your target audience.
For this you must first do the following:
  • Create your business page or account on all social media platforms- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • This task requires you to provide your business information to create a profile
  • After you have an account or a page, you can also link it to your main website
To enhance the visibility of Chicago Pneumatic products, you can reshare content (listed below are some examples) from official Chicago Pneumatic social media channels:
  • Product launch posts
  • Customer stories
  • Product features, technologies, discoveries, and advancements
  • High-quality product photos and videos
  • A walk-through video explaining product details
In all posts, you can provide a link to the listing page on the website.
You should never use the Chicago Pneumatic logo as your primary avatar on social media accounts. You should always ask for permission from your local Customer Center before opening an account and only use the Chicago Pneumatic Authorized Dealer logo.
The name of the social media account has to be the name of your company.
Good example: The Authorised Dealer logo and the dealer name used.
Bad example:
The Chicago Pneumatic product logo and name used, which can mislead customers.