1. The Chicago Pneumatic brand
Partnering with Chicago Pneumatic
We will deliver high-quality products that contribute to our customers’ productivity and prosperity.
Our products are developed
with the aim of meeting the quality, functionality, safety, and environmental needs of our customers.
We believe our customers have the right to expect professional service and after sales support, including quick access to deliveries of high-quality Chicago Pneumatic products, accessories and spare parts.
Chicago Pneumatic has worldwide operations based on a strong and committed dealer network. We believe in being close to our customers and our dealers are chosen carefully to support customers and the Chicago Pneumatic brand. We strive to build a close relationship with you based on mutual respect and commitment.
Dealer relations
At Chicago Pneumatic, we strive to be the best associate for our dealers. Our partnership will help you grow your business and
align you closely with our brand at the same time.