5. FAQs
Answers to questions you may have as a dealer:
Why do we need this manual?
As a Chicago Pneumatic dealer, you play an important role in the positioning of our brand. This manual has been developed to support the brand positioning activities of all our Authorized Dealers.
Being a dealer, we would like to promote our own brand and identity; do you want us to use the Chicago Pneumatic logo?
You should of course use your own logo. However, as a representative of Chicago Pneumatic, we want you to promote our brand in a professional way. This manual describes how and where you can do this.
How should I describe Chicago Pneumatic?
Chicago Pneumatic represents high-performance tools and equipment designed for an extensive range of applications, especially in construction and demolition, industrial maintenance and repair and vehicle service industries. We make industrial tools, vehicle service tools, construction tools, compressors, generators, workshop equipment, paving equipment and attachments.
When should I use the Chicago Pneumatic Authorized Dealer logo?
You should use the logo during the validity of your dealer agreement. Note that the rules for the use of our brand may be amended by the applicable dealer agreement from time to time. Any licensed right to use the registered trademark Chicago Pneumatic will cease once you cease to be an authorized dealer of Chicago Pneumatic. At such a time, you must discontinue the use of our brand, and the license will terminate automatically.
Where should I use the Chicago Pneumatic Authorized Dealer logo?
In this manual, we have given examples of typical applications and activities where the logo may be used on dealer communication material. These include advertisements, mailings, posters, service vehicles, buildings/signage, workwear, customer events, website, e-mail footers and compliment slips.
Are there cases or applications when I cannot use the logo?
You may use the Chicago Pneumatic Authorized Dealer logo on stationery only when your own logo is clearly dominant in size and position. The Chicago Pneumatic Authorized Dealer logo would be appropriate in the letterhead footer, for example. You can never use the logo in applications which may be perceived as offensive, such as calendars that depict people disrespectfully or on pictures representing war/violent situations or religion. If you are uncertain about an application, either ask for advice or don’t use it.
Where can I find the Chicago Pneumatic Authorized Dealer logo in the correct sizes and formats?
The Authorized Dealer logo can be downloaded from our multimedia gallery; it exists in 8 languages and different; it exists in eight languages and different formats.
Can I order materials such as leaflets, signage and sales promotion material from Chicago Pneumatic? How do I go about it?
Chicago Pneumatic offers an extensive range of catalogs, signs and promotional material to promote both the brand and all its products. This material can be ordered directly from Chicago Pneumatic. For more information check Advertisements,mailings and listings section.
Based on the guidelines in this manual, can I print a leaflet or mailing with the Chicago Pneumatic logo on it, or do I need prior approval from a Chicago Pneumatic Customer Center?
When it comes to stationery, you can simply follow the rules in this manual. For all other applications, we request that you ask the Chicago Pneumatic Customer Center in your country for a quality check and approval before proceeding.
Where can I order a brand identity manual?
The manuals are available for download as a PDF file. Alternatively, you may call the Chicago Pneumatic customer center that serves you.